Three Things To Do This Week

Many of us read the news about the war in Syria, and some of us try very hard to understand its causes, its political complexity and its consequences for Syrians and people around the world. It is impossible for us to truly empathize with a Syrian family living in Aleppo or with a Syrian refugee stranded in a refugee camp in Turkey – but that does not mean that we shouldn’t try.
Here are three things that Welcoming Gainesville asks you to do this week to take a small step towards better understanding the war in Syria, the living conditions of refugees around the world, and ultimately war as a whole as it is happening in different places across the world right now.   
1) Watch the exclusive documentary “The White Helmets” on Netflix. The White Helmets are a group of civilians in Syria who rescue those injured by barrel bombs and air strikes every day. They are said to have “the most dangerous job in the world” and have saved over 60,000 lives in Syria so far. Netflix will launch a short documentary on the White Helmets on September 16. 
Watch the trailer here!  
2) After watching “The White Helmets”, visit this website!
The White Helmets have been nominated for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of their heroic work and dedication to saving human lives. On the website you can add your signature in support of this nomination.
3) Visit the Harn Museum of Art to see their current exhibition “Aftermath: The Fallout of War—America and the Middle East”. 
This exhibition brings together the work of twelve contemporary photographers, both American and from the Middle East, who explore the effects of war on civilians and the environment. This exhibition is absolutely essential if you are wanting to learn more about the conditions and voices of people and environments caught in war’s wake, from Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Palestine, Israel and America. The exhibition will be at the Harn Museum of Art until December 31, 2016 but you should most definitely take the time to visit it sooner as you will probably want to return a few more times to really absorb the entirety of this outstanding exhibition.
Please invite your friends and families to join you in these activities and spread the word in your social media networks! 

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