Our goal is to make Gainesville and Alachua County an inclusive community that accepts and embraces all people regardless of their faith, race, gender/sexual orientation, ethnicity, or religion. We appreciate tax-deductible donations of any giving level to support our ongoing programs and activities.

Become a WG&AC Member!

Welcoming Gainesville & Alachua County’s 352 Membership Program supports efforts to “make newcomers neighbors” and welcome foreign-born residents into community life. WG&AC members support the development and operation of programs that ease newcomer challenges and increase understanding among new and long-time residents. As the area code for the Gainesville, FL region, “352” corresponds directly to each membership level and ensures our fundraising activities stay closely connected to our roots:

Individual$3.52/month ($42.24/year)

Family$10.56/month (3 x $3.52 or $126.72/year)

Business/Organization: $35.20/month (10 x $3.52 or $422.40/year)

Read more about our membership giving options or make your first member payment by clicking the “Donate” below.

We also appreciate non-membership donations of any giving level.

Gifts can be made online or with cash or check. To donate online through PayPal, visit:


Cash or check may be mailed to:

Welcoming Gainesville & Alachua County
5055 SW 91st Terrace
Gainesville FL 32608

Thank you for your support!


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