352 Membership Program


Welcoming Gainesville & Alachua County’s 352 Membership Program supports efforts to “make newcomers neighbors” and welcome foreign-born residents into community life. WG&AC members support the development and operation of programs that ease newcomer challenges and increase understanding among new and long-time residents. As the area code for the Gainesville, FL region, “352” corresponds directly to each membership level and ensures our fundraising activities stay closely connected to our roots.

Member Options




As a token of our gratitude, individual members will receive 1 membership sticker + 1 invite to our membership dinner.



(3 x $3.52 or $126.72/year)

As a token of our gratitude, family members will receive 3 membership stickers + 1 yard sign + 3 invites to our membership dinner.



(10 x $3.52 or $422.40/year)

As a token of our gratitude, business/organization members will receive 10 membership stickers + 2 yard signs + 10 invites to our membership dinner.

Payment Options

All donations are tax-deductible. Please mail cash or check payments to:

Welcoming Gainesville & Alachua County
11317 NW 8th Rd, Gainesville FL 32606

Payment may also be made via our nonprofit PayPal account. As PayPal offers monthly invoicing options, we recommend using this form of payment if you’d like to make monthly payments.

Or, complete our contact form, and we will follow up with you about membership options!