Get a little green by donating to support Welcoming Gainesville/Alachua County

Would you like to financially support the great work of Welcoming Gainesville/Alachua County?

For every $100 tax-deductible donation to Welcoming Gainesville, Inc., you can receive $100 worth of trees, shrubs, or ground covers from our good friends at local Notestein Nursery in Gainesville.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1) Donate to Welcoming Gainesville online or by writing a check to Welcoming Gainesville, Inc., 5055 SW 91st Terrace, Gainesville FL 32608

2) Let us know you are interested in picking up plants at Notestein Nursery.

3) Call Jim Notestein at 352.372.2107 to make arrangements to pick up your plants.


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