Thank you for a successful donation drive!

Last week we were able to deliver a truckload full of donations for refugee families in Jacksonville. We want to say thank you on behalf of Welcoming Gainesville and on behalf of Catholic Charities Jacksonville, the resettlement agency we support.


The donations were provided by over a dozen faith communities in Gainesville and our supporters came with their arms piled high with boxes full of daily necessities such as paper towels, toiletries, kitchen supplies and bedding.



What started out as an empty room quickly became filled to the brim with so many donations that another room was needed to hold all items. Welcoming Gainesville feels honored to be able to support newcomers in Jacksonville and we are very appreciative of the generosity of our community!


Read below what some of our supporters had to say about the donation drive:


Nancy and Rachel Parks, Temple Shir Shalom


“We try to do as much social justice as we can and we just love to do interfaith work. The whole experience of immigrants resonates with us because a lot of our Grandparents were immigrants. We just love to help.”


The Rev. Richard and Lucas Pelkey, St. Joseph’s Episcopal Church


“We all just want to support Welcoming Gaineville and to help new refugees coming into Florida. It just really feels good to help.”


Nicole Alemanne and Tony Canty, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Gainesville

“We were all in for helping when we heard there was people in need. It is an amazing cause to support and everyone was very willing to donate.”


Christina Bugos,  Trinity United Methodist Church

“We are here to help communities in need. Our own community rallied and got together to bring a lot of stuff for people who really need it. We are just excited to help and be a part of it.”


Tate Quiñones, Baha’is of Gainesville

“I volunteer for Welcoming Gainesville, so any chance I can support them, I try, that’s why I am here. And my community rallies behind me because they know this is an important cause to me. It is so important to do work with refugees and they have a special place in my heart. There was a huge social network that came out to help and everyone was just really happy to do it, to come together and support this cause.”



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