Welcoming Week Proclamation on CBS!

On September 22nd Mayor Poe proclaimed September 16 – 25 Welcoming Week in Gainesville, FL. Mayor Poe emphasized that Gainesville’s diversity is a source of strength for our community and that welcoming immigrants, international students, refugees and foreign-born residents will help us make Gainesville even greater!

County Commissioner Hutchinson told the media that Gainesville wants to be a community of neighbors and that we need to recognize our shared humanity and look beyond the physical, superficial differences and celebrate the human spirit that connects us all – regardless of faith, race, ethnicity, culture or language.

Mr. Daniel Valdez from Welcoming America was visiting Gainesville for the first time and praised the welcoming atmosphere and kind people he was able to meet. He expressed surprise and joy at the diversity he noticed in the town of Gainesville and encouraged citizens to keep working on creating a truly inclusive and welcoming community.


CBS4 covered the proclamation and you can watch the video here! 


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